The best pearls are Moonlike, shining white in colour, with a perfectly round, globular shape. They should be compact, with high specific gravity, spotless and free from blemishes. The appearance should be lustrous and smooth. Pearls may be white, giving spiritual gifts, rosy, giving intelligence and power, yellow, bringing material prosperity. Black pearls are rare but are not ideal for development. Coppery or non-lustrous, dirty, cracked, misshapen or otherwise defective pearls should be avoided as they are inauspicious.


Pearls are found in Sri Lanka, India, Persian Gulf, Venezuela, Mexico and Australia. Australian pearls are generally considered less desirable. Sri Lankan pearl stones are considered the best, though pearls from Bahrain are highly prized. In India, the best pearls come from the Bay of Bengal and from Tuticorin in South India.



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