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The red colour ruby gemstone is famously called as “King of gemstones”, due to its everlasting colour and hardness that is just next to diamond. The ruby gemstone is an appealing stone that is popularly worn in the form of jewellery items by men/women. Also, this stone is called the “stone of love” and appears at its best when it is worn in the form, of a wedding ring or engagement rings and another form of pieces of jewellery.

However, sometimes people ask this question that, “Is it the only properties for which ruby stone is famous?” The answer to this question is “No”. Apart from the above appearance qualities, there are other qualities of this stone that makes this stone distinctive and extremely famous. The most important feature of Ruby Gemstone is its association with the planet Sun. Now, normally people would ask that how this stone is attached to the planet Sun and what are the benefits one can perceive by this association.


Ruby Gemstone is associated with the planet Sun. The Sun is the fundamental source of light and energy for all the living creatures of this earth. The importance of the sun in our life can be identified by the fact that no life can sustain on the earth without the presence of the Sun. Keeping the above line as the base; it is not exaggerated to mention that Sun is “King” of all planets. Sun signifies life, communication skill, confidence, energy, courage and health of the human being. Nevertheless, if the sun places at negative positions in the horoscope of a person will invite all sorts of trouble in the life of its wearer.


Ruby is considered to be the gemstone of the planet sun. It means that ruby intakes the maximum amount of beam of light emits by the Sun and convert this light in the favor of human being. Therefore, ruby is contemplated being the primary stone of the planet Sun. Consequently, those individuals who are suffering from bad health, financial loss, lack of confidence, speech problems or blood-related diseases can wear sun blessed ruby stone to avert this adverse situation of life in their own favour.



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